Monday, March 19, 2007

Look at me!

I'm getting this walking thing down pretty good!

Daddy didn't say no,

so that must have meant yes...

Did you figure it out? Look my ears.

Bath time.

I'll share my butterfly with you, bubbles and all.
Look mom, I'm standing! Yea yea I know, sit my butt down.

We have another pitcher in the family.

Spur of the moment play date.

Tuesday morning, March 14th I received a call from one of our good friends, Amber. She needed us to watch Carson because she was going to the hospital (not to deliver their 2nd baby) but to find out if the pain she was having was another kidney stone or something else. Thankfully it was a small kidney stone and she did not have to stay overnight. We are glad you are feeling better Amber.
Emma and Carson (10 mths old) sharing Old MacDonald's farm.
Hands off! That is my snack dish and telephone.
Look at us!

Ouch! Let go of my hair, or I'll grab your lip. (she is really good at that)
Look at the mess behind us. We did good!

A visit from our Social Worker

Sunday, March 12th our social worker, Joann came for our one month visit. Can you believe we have had Emma for over a month already? It seems like she has been with us forever. When she arrived Emma was still asleep, but it was not long before she was awake, thanks to Theo barking. She made quite the first impression, 2 poops back to back. That's our girl! She also showed off her personality too. What a charmer.

Joann was really surprised how well she has adapted to our schedule. She had a few things for us to do, get a gate for the stairs and stay close to home. During the first six months familiarity and consistency are really important. So no long trips and no overnights. It is part of the attachment and adjustment period.

Our next visit will be in early July.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jake turns 8 years old.

Can you imagine Scott, Grandpa and Grandma and 7 boys at a WSU Shocker game? It really was a party, nachos, pretzels with cheese, soda and Twizzlers and a win for the Shockers 3-0! Now according to mom, they really did not watch much of the game, just being "8".

Emma and I stayed home. Emma napped and I got everything ready for make your own pizza and ice cream sundaes. When the boys arrived they played basketball and then baseball. The thicks vs. the thins. Jake was a thin, you can look at the pictures and see where everyone else fell.

Looks like pizza eating, but it was really comedy central.
Layton, Carson, Harrison, Jake, Kaden, Jordan and Hunter
Watching "Like Mike" (Jake's favorite movie) while enjoying ice cream.
Best buddies.
Their favorite past time, playing GameBoy, PSP, and Nintindo DS.

At last, I meet my KC cousins.

Steve, Amy and the girls (Lucy 7, Josie 4 and Anna 7 mths) came for a visit March 10th and 11th. The girls were really excited to meet Emma. When they arrived Emma was already asleep. The next morning was filled with lots of playing. After breakfast, Scott, Steve, Jake and Lucy went to Jake's baseball practice and Amy, Josie, Anna, Emma and myself stayed home to play. What a great time everyone had. Lots and lots of girls.
Thanks for coming to see us!!! We cannot wait to see you all again!!!
Hugs and Kisses!!!
Josie just got done combing Emma's hair.
Our first meeting, Emma and Cousin Anna.
Uncle Steve and me.
Miss Josie
Anna getting kisses from big sister Lucy.
What's everyone looking at?
Yes, we see all of you.
Jake, Lucy and Josie.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shower Photos

Emma and friends, Layton, Haley & Emily

Emma getting loves from Corina.

Elliott, Emma, Sarah (feeding Emma) & Emily

Elliott and Emma

Shannon and Emma

Hannah with Emma, Linsday & Carson
Theresa reading Emma's new book, Lovebug.

The morning after the big day, trying out her new ride.

She loved the bow!

Settling In

Hi Friends and Family:

It has been a fast and exciting two weeks since we arrived home from China. I must admit we hit the ground running and Emma is quickly getting up to speed. She has about 750 "frequent rider" miles around Wichita already. She has gotten around and many have come to see her. She is doing great and has fully recovered from a little "crackle" in her chest thanks to a good round of antibiotics.

She has had quite a long list of visitors many eager to see their little blog star from China. It has been overwhelming the support and love shown by our friends and family. It is so nice to see so many people cheering and praying for her. We are greatly blessed by the addition to our family. It feels as if the house is complete with each room securely occupied by two gifts from God.

Jake is doing well. He loves to be back in his routine and hanging out with his friends and classmates. Baseball practice has started for him and he is ready to go. He has really taken to looking after Emma and is always there to give her a hug and a smile of encouragement. Jake has responded with unconditional love and no jealousy for Emma at all. We are so proud of the way he has adjusted and how he gives without reservation.

Come and visit anytime!