Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pictures of Emma

Face plant...still trying to get this walking thing down. April 17th, 2007

Corina and Emma splashing in the pool. June 17th, 2007

Emma's new DIVA chair.

First pedicure, compliments of Aunt Shelley.

We thought we should start her early.

Pictures of Jake

Ring Bearer at Chase and Ashley Gibson's Wedding, May 18th, 2007

Derby Tournament, May 5th, 2007

June 2007 Update

Hi everyone. We hope you are all doing well wherever you may be. The summer has been going so fast.

Jake has already finished with Art and Foreign Language summer school. He really enjoyed the enrichment time. Tonight we went to his art fair to view and pick up all of his hard work. Baseball season is drawing to a close, that is if it stops raining. We are 4 games from finishing the league season despite having our 9th game rained out, one of them 3 times. Over the last week Jake has ended games at 12:15 am and 1:15 am. I know it is crazy. We are not thrilled about it either. The league does what is best for it first and the boys second. Sad. The team is doing well and has equaled its win total of all last year with 4 games still to go. Jake loves to pitch and has had some success and persevered through the tough times of walking a few men and some 8 year old fielding. We can finally say that his hitting has come around. He has gained some real confidence and is excited about hitting. He is hitting the ball consistently and at times with authority. We are proud of him for sticking with it. All he talks about is when is the next game and how come we can't play today. Daddy is proud of his little ball player as is Mom and little sister.

Emma is so happy. She is care free and just loves to roam around the house doing this and doing that. She is quite the walker now. After Daddy being gone for a couple of weeks, she has become quite the Daddy's girl. We love her so much. She is just the point of attention wherever she goes. It is funny to see her 2 foot something body meandering through crowds and down halls. Everyone stops to admire her determination and smile. She seems unaffected by it all. As you can imagine we are all quite proud of our little girl.

Jill, blah, blah blah, la di da, same shit next day.

Scott, time warp, lost two weeks of his life in New Jersey(for training) in the middle of the summer. Everyone is glad he is back. New job going well after one day.

We hope to post some pix in the near future ,2008!!!

Scott, Jill, Jake and Emma

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still Here, Update for May 2007

I apologize for all of you who have faithfully checked on the blog and how we are doing. We are doing great. Emma has started walking in the last 3 weeks. She is now doing laps around the house.

Since you last heard from us many things have changed, most notably Jill is back to work and has spent less time blogging, obviously. She has spent most of her free time, when she gets it chasing Emma around, and attending Jake's baseball games and practices which are about 2-4 nights a week and some weekends. Now that all of the reality shows are over she may have more time to blog.

Scott has changed jobs. He was laid off from Pfizer, after 6 years, on March 20, 2007 after they went through some downsizing. It looks as if it was a blessing in disguise. He is now working for Bristol-Myers Squibb, another large pharmaceutical company. He still sells cardiovascular medicine. Also, he recently completed the coursework to be a licensed real estate agent in the state of Kansas. So anyone needing some help buying or selling their house let him know.

Jake had a great school year and really misses his teacher Ms. Cannady. He had such a good time and is very proud of his reading progress. He will read just about anything. He even read a few chapters of Harry Potter before realizing he wouldn't probably finish it before the end of school and thus not get any points toward his reading goal. Points-wise he read three times the books that he did last year. We are so proud of him and glad he enjoys reading all kinds of things. He finished the school year last Thursday, May 24 and already misses his friends and the routine of school. He will be attending summer school in the mornings in June. The focus is on art and foreign language development and then will go to the Maize Rec summer program where his summer school teachers from last year are counselors.

Baseball season is going very nicely for Jake, when we aren't getting rained out. He has pitched a few times and has had some success. He continues to throw strikes and stay positive. He really likes pitching. We probably play catch at least 8 days a week, but he loves it and is getting stronger and stronger everyday. He is just starting to come into his own with his hitting. It seems to be a confidence thing and he is much more confident lately. We are very proud of how he is doing in everything except his ability to pick up after himself. I just hope it is that age.

Emma has adjusted well to Treehouse Learning Center where she attends daily. She has some great teachers and she is learning some sign language to go with all the other words she is using. She does have her moments and still holds her breathe when she is not happy. For the first time, she passed out while doing it. She was fine and no worse for the wear.

Lastly, after trying to get Emma to sit on the handle bars of the jet ski with no luck, we decided it was time to get a boat. We purchased a 19 foot Rinker bowrider over the Memorial Day weekend. We hope to hit the lake this weekend.

I hope this gets everyone up to speed on our amazing race through life, full speed ahead. We will gets some pictures posted in the near future.

Don't forget you are all welcome to drop by for a cold drink anytime. Have a great summer.

Scott, Jill, Jake and Emma

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Battle wounds.

We took Emma for her 1 year appointment with Dr. Barker. Would you believe she only gained 1 pound and according to the doctor, she has not grown. Well, we are certain they measured her wrong the last time we were in. Because her pants do not drag on the ground and her dresses show her bum a little too much.

Emma is doing so well. Dr. Barker said she could start drinking whole milk once she finishes the formula we have. The next time we see the Doc, Emma has to know 3 body parts. So the next time you see her be sure to ask about her nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

Today she had another round of shots. Four to be exact. But as you can see, she is felling fine.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

Getting ready for my party!

Corina bringing me into the kitchen to eat pizza.

Smell the flowers Lily, they are beautiful.

Oh my gosh, all these presents. Which one will I play with first.
I just love ripping the paper and I'm really good at this.

Lily and I playing with the Leap Frog Learn and Groove. Thanks Lewis's!

Daddy, I cannot open the present right now, I have to take an important call...

Is this what I am suppose to do???

I'm so tired. Can my party be over now?

Thanks for all the gifts! I have been playing with everything.

Play date.

Yea! Play time!

Lily, our neighbor, sharing baby gold fish with me.

Uh Oh! (my new word) You spilled the gold fish.

Let's pick them up together.

International Biddy Basketball Tourney

The 13 year old International Biddy Basketball Tournament was held in Wichita. Tyree, our cousin played on an All-Star team.

Emma cheering Tyree on.

All tuckered out.

One last load...

We had some helpers...


Monday, March 19, 2007

Look at me!

I'm getting this walking thing down pretty good!

Daddy didn't say no,

so that must have meant yes...

Did you figure it out? Look close...at my ears.

Bath time.

I'll share my butterfly with you, bubbles and all.
Look mom, I'm standing! Yea yea I know, sit my butt down.

We have another pitcher in the family.

Spur of the moment play date.

Tuesday morning, March 14th I received a call from one of our good friends, Amber. She needed us to watch Carson because she was going to the hospital (not to deliver their 2nd baby) but to find out if the pain she was having was another kidney stone or something else. Thankfully it was a small kidney stone and she did not have to stay overnight. We are glad you are feeling better Amber.
Emma and Carson (10 mths old) sharing Old MacDonald's farm.
Hands off! That is my snack dish and telephone.
Look at us!

Ouch! Let go of my hair, or I'll grab your lip. (she is really good at that)
Look at the mess behind us. We did good!

A visit from our Social Worker

Sunday, March 12th our social worker, Joann came for our one month visit. Can you believe we have had Emma for over a month already? It seems like she has been with us forever. When she arrived Emma was still asleep, but it was not long before she was awake, thanks to Theo barking. She made quite the first impression, 2 poops back to back. That's our girl! She also showed off her personality too. What a charmer.

Joann was really surprised how well she has adapted to our schedule. She had a few things for us to do, get a gate for the stairs and stay close to home. During the first six months familiarity and consistency are really important. So no long trips and no overnights. It is part of the attachment and adjustment period.

Our next visit will be in early July.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jake turns 8 years old.

Can you imagine Scott, Grandpa and Grandma and 7 boys at a WSU Shocker game? It really was a party, nachos, pretzels with cheese, soda and Twizzlers and a win for the Shockers 3-0! Now according to mom, they really did not watch much of the game, just being "8".

Emma and I stayed home. Emma napped and I got everything ready for make your own pizza and ice cream sundaes. When the boys arrived they played basketball and then baseball. The thicks vs. the thins. Jake was a thin, you can look at the pictures and see where everyone else fell.

Looks like pizza eating, but it was really comedy central.
Layton, Carson, Harrison, Jake, Kaden, Jordan and Hunter
Watching "Like Mike" (Jake's favorite movie) while enjoying ice cream.
Best buddies.
Their favorite past time, playing GameBoy, PSP, and Nintindo DS.

At last, I meet my KC cousins.

Steve, Amy and the girls (Lucy 7, Josie 4 and Anna 7 mths) came for a visit March 10th and 11th. The girls were really excited to meet Emma. When they arrived Emma was already asleep. The next morning was filled with lots of playing. After breakfast, Scott, Steve, Jake and Lucy went to Jake's baseball practice and Amy, Josie, Anna, Emma and myself stayed home to play. What a great time everyone had. Lots and lots of girls.
Thanks for coming to see us!!! We cannot wait to see you all again!!!
Hugs and Kisses!!!
Josie just got done combing Emma's hair.
Our first meeting, Emma and Cousin Anna.
Uncle Steve and me.
Miss Josie
Anna getting kisses from big sister Lucy.
What's everyone looking at?
Yes, we see all of you.
Jake, Lucy and Josie.