Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jake turns 8 years old.

Can you imagine Scott, Grandpa and Grandma and 7 boys at a WSU Shocker game? It really was a party, nachos, pretzels with cheese, soda and Twizzlers and a win for the Shockers 3-0! Now according to mom, they really did not watch much of the game, just being "8".

Emma and I stayed home. Emma napped and I got everything ready for make your own pizza and ice cream sundaes. When the boys arrived they played basketball and then baseball. The thicks vs. the thins. Jake was a thin, you can look at the pictures and see where everyone else fell.

Looks like pizza eating, but it was really comedy central.
Layton, Carson, Harrison, Jake, Kaden, Jordan and Hunter
Watching "Like Mike" (Jake's favorite movie) while enjoying ice cream.
Best buddies.
Their favorite past time, playing GameBoy, PSP, and Nintindo DS.

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