Sunday, April 08, 2007

Battle wounds.

We took Emma for her 1 year appointment with Dr. Barker. Would you believe she only gained 1 pound and according to the doctor, she has not grown. Well, we are certain they measured her wrong the last time we were in. Because her pants do not drag on the ground and her dresses show her bum a little too much.

Emma is doing so well. Dr. Barker said she could start drinking whole milk once she finishes the formula we have. The next time we see the Doc, Emma has to know 3 body parts. So the next time you see her be sure to ask about her nose, ears, mouth and eyes.

Today she had another round of shots. Four to be exact. But as you can see, she is felling fine.

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Stacy said...

O.k. girl, I finally got some posting done, now it's your turn. It was great to see you guys at the baseball game last weekend!