Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 2007 Update

Hi everyone. We hope you are all doing well wherever you may be. The summer has been going so fast.

Jake has already finished with Art and Foreign Language summer school. He really enjoyed the enrichment time. Tonight we went to his art fair to view and pick up all of his hard work. Baseball season is drawing to a close, that is if it stops raining. We are 4 games from finishing the league season despite having our 9th game rained out, one of them 3 times. Over the last week Jake has ended games at 12:15 am and 1:15 am. I know it is crazy. We are not thrilled about it either. The league does what is best for it first and the boys second. Sad. The team is doing well and has equaled its win total of all last year with 4 games still to go. Jake loves to pitch and has had some success and persevered through the tough times of walking a few men and some 8 year old fielding. We can finally say that his hitting has come around. He has gained some real confidence and is excited about hitting. He is hitting the ball consistently and at times with authority. We are proud of him for sticking with it. All he talks about is when is the next game and how come we can't play today. Daddy is proud of his little ball player as is Mom and little sister.

Emma is so happy. She is care free and just loves to roam around the house doing this and doing that. She is quite the walker now. After Daddy being gone for a couple of weeks, she has become quite the Daddy's girl. We love her so much. She is just the point of attention wherever she goes. It is funny to see her 2 foot something body meandering through crowds and down halls. Everyone stops to admire her determination and smile. She seems unaffected by it all. As you can imagine we are all quite proud of our little girl.

Jill, blah, blah blah, la di da, same shit next day.

Scott, time warp, lost two weeks of his life in New Jersey(for training) in the middle of the summer. Everyone is glad he is back. New job going well after one day.

We hope to post some pix in the near future ,2008!!!

Scott, Jill, Jake and Emma

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